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Over 15 Years of experience . You will always get the best guidance. Client is our first priority and we believe that we will be Successful if our Clients are Successful. Persp Tourism started providing its services almost a decade ago. Since then, we have assisted the formation of numerous businesses. Our clients are successfully operating their businesses in Dubai mainland as well as in several free zones. An important reason for our success is our close coordination with all relevant government authorities for business setup in Dubai. Our hard work, competitive rates, and satisfaction of clients have made Persp Tourism a respected name in the business community. Persp Tourism is one of the best company formation consultants in Dubai that fulfill all the requirements. Important services that we provide to our clients are Company formation and liquidation, License Approval, Visa Services, Bank Account Opening, PRO Services, Trademark Registration, Accounting Services, and several others!

Why Set up a Business in Dubai?

During the last 3 decades, Dubai has grown at tremendous speed and shifted from an oil-exporting economy to an innovation-led business economy. Dubai has become the first choice of all business owners and foreign investors. There are multiple reasons for this choice.

Primarily, Dubai attracts foreign investment due to its strategic location and business-friendly government policies. These are the two biggest driving forces behind business owners wanting to set up their business in Dubai. Moreover, an open economy and sector-oriented free zones compel entrepreneurs to invest their fortune and set up a company in Dubai.

  1. Ease of Doing Business

Setting up a business in the U.A.E is simple and straightforward. Perhaps, this is why U.A.E has earned 16th place on the Ease of Doing Business rankings issued by the World Bank. If a business owner has all the documents approved, setting up a business in Dubai will not take more than 1 week. Another reason that the U.A.E ranks so high in Ease of Doing Business rankings is the number of free zones that the U.A.E government has established in Dubai. The free zones in Dubai allow 100% foreign ownership, complete repatriation of profits earned, and large tax exemptions.

  1. The Open Market and Low Taxes

The government and regulatory bodies do little interference in the activities of the private sector in Dubai. There are zero taxes on personal income. Dubai has a free-trade economy. It has insignificant import duties in place. As far as labor policies are concerned, Dubai has imposed liberal labor policies. This allows companies in Dubai to hire an employee from anywhere in the world regardless of their nationality. Moreover, Dubai has implemented strict measures to end fraud and money laundering. This allows foreign investors to invest in a clean place with little worries.

  1. World-Class Infrastructure

Dubai holds significant importance due to its highly modernize infrastructure in the entire world. There are numerous free zones in Dubai of international standards. A world-class airport and modern seaports that handle thousands of passengers daily. Moreover, Dubai has a modern and vast network of highways that allow easy travel. The reliable telecommunication infrastructure, uninterrupted power supply, and loads of amenities are enough to attract business owners from all around the world and set up their company in Dubai.

  1. Highly Accessible Location

Dubai is located at a strategic location. It is at the center of Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Dubai falls at the center between the Far East and Europe. More than 85 airlines are operating in Dubai at the moment. These airlines fly passengers to more than 130 destinations globally. Moreover, Dubai is connected by more than 120 shipping lines. To put it simply, Dubai is the most easily accessible location from anywhere around the world.

  1. High Standard of Living

The residents of Dubai live in a comfortable city. Dubai has a large number of foreign residents which makes it one of the most diversified cities on the face of the earth. Dubai leads the world in real estate, housing facilities, educational institutions, and recreational activities. Moreover, due to its low crime rates, Dubai has become one of the safest cities in the entire world.